Shared values and a clear inner voice

A clear inner voice is something that most people can relate to. The voice speaks to us in situations when we get a feeling that something is not right. But the voice is more than a feeling in the body, the voice tells us when we should react. For example, there can be situations such as when someone is joking at someone else’s expense. Our body reacts and we think we should listen to our voice. But often we don´t, we instead try to intellectually weigh the consequences of whether we should react or not react. This means we often end up one step behind to what is happening. The window of opportunity slips out of our hands. But if we develop a clear inner compass that can help us to listen and trust our inner voice better. It will be easier to navigate in political games because we don´t have to participate in it. Those who have defined a clear inner compass will feel safe with the person they are. They dare to react automatically to various harassment and discrimination.

Sometimes when a person in the group expresses their opinion on an important issue our body can feel relaxed if the person is genuine. But if the person is not open with his agenda or expresses himself uncompromisingly, our bodies will tell us. We feel it in our stomach and often there are some tension in our shoulders and neck. Be sure that other people in the room will feel the same way as you. My suggestion is that you react directly to what you feel in your body and express your feelings openly.

Many groups are held hostage by a dominant person who is intellectually sharp but emotionally disconnected

Our values are the anchor we use to withstand a storm. They give us greater opportunities to be our authentic selves. They make us true to ourselves and the future we want to experience. Value-driven companies are also the companies that are most successful. They become more flexible, less hierarchical, less bureaucratic and they collectively develop forms for personal development. Our body language reveals our attention in the social interaction with others. Our eyes reveal us because they are the mirror of our soul (there is a reason why poker players often play with sunglasses). To be able to live according to our personal values and company values we need to be authentic in our communication and behavior. If we develop our inner compass that will give us the clear voice that creates the culture.

Shared values and a clear purpose for the business will build trust. The values are the glue that holds the organization together. If a company wants to develop a strengthening magnetic culture, the management team needs to start developing themselves. The team needs to show that they can function as a role model for the culture they desire. We all have quirks that we can laugh at together – if we dare to be open about them. We are all good at different things, but we also have areas of shortcomings where we need support from others. In a well-functioning team, the individual success will be our success. Support, empathy and collaboration will show us the way to success for the whole company.