The Human Culture® for a sustainable change

Leaderships training for implementing a modern human culture in world class companies.

  • Module I – Myself in flux

  • Module II – My inner compass

  • Module III – My leadership in flux and Devising my direction

  • Module IV – Charting culture and working methods for the management team

This program will give you the opportunity to experience an inspiring meeting with
inspiring people in a wonderful en­vironment. Together we will explore the possibilities of a new unique Scandinavian program in leadership and ­cultural development – The Human Culture®.

Supporting Private Equity companies in merging and acquisition ventures

Three sides to the M&A coin

  • Business strategy Where are we now? Where do we math and where don’t we? Where do we want to be?

  • Technical ability Economic, Process, Personnel
  • Coaching What culture permeates us vs. the prospect company? Which parts match and which don’t? Which culture do we need to succeed?

Good to go – Free to Grow!

Meet Our Strong Network of Competence

We are a fine number of competent coaches with long professional experience both in coaching with individuals and large groups as well as with change management in local and global companies. Our entire team is uniquely trained in The Human Culture® method and excellent facilitators of the program.

Morgan Borg
Morgan BorgCEO – The Human Culture®
Morgan is the creator of The Human Culture® program and has many years of experience from helping management teams to create world class culture. He has been working with management teams in different global companies as Pfizer Health AB, Electrolux in Germany, AsahiKASEI, Permobil AB and helped to build a strong company culture.
Emma Wessner
Emma WessnerHR Director
Emma is trainer of The Human Culture® program and has many years of experience in leaderships training and team development. Emma has extensive experience of working with teams in change. She has great faith in the individual but even greater in the combined power of many. It is in the coordinated meeting that it really happens.
Lasse Gustavson
Lasse GustavsonFamous Speaker
Lasse knows how human culture and value-based leadership bring willing and commitment to life. He became the first in Sweden to receive the Brandman of the Year award.
Kirsten Giering
Kirsten GieringChange Management Consultant
Kirsten has a strong cultural expertise in management and implementation of international projects worldwide in a leadership role. Kirsten has more than 15 years’ experience of working and living in France and China. She helped establish a branch of a multinational corporation in the People’s Republic of China.
Svante Anderholm
Svante AnderholmCOO
Svante is an expert in implementing change. Both from a strategic and operational perspective. He has many years of experience from working as a COO abroad and in Sweden. His energy and human approach to people guarantee successful outcome from M&A processes and culture shift.
Johan Lundgren
Johan LundgrenExpert on evaluation and mental trainer
Johan is our expert in evaluating company culture and helping organizations to perform well and reach goals. He helps executives and managers to reach their full potential by individual coaching and group coaching. Johan uses
Harrison Assessments and is one of the leading figures using the tool in Sweden Read more about Harrison:

“Morgan understands the desirability of changes in ­organizations and is very good in finding situations organizations can benefit from.”

Ph.D. Will Schutz, Creator of FIRO® Theory and The Human Element

The Human Culture®

Leading through values and integrity

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